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Area of Practice


We understand that family law matters can be highly sensitive and stressful for our clients, and you can rely on us to assist and settle your disputes.


We represent both buyers and sellers of property for all legal matters.  
Advising on, or preparing a Contract for Sale/Vendor’s statement (Section 32).
This brings peace of mind to our clients.


We aim to add value to your commercial venture, and ensure that your deal is done while protecting your rights and advising the options available to you.

Family Law

We can help clients looking to resolve issues that arise after a marriage breakdown or separation being that of finances, children and property. We understand that family law matters can be highly sensitive and stressful for our clients and you can rely on us to assist and settle your disputes.

• Divorce settlements
• Child support
• Property settlements
• Planning services
• Collaborative family law
• Child Custody disputes
• Binding Financial & De-facto     Agreements

Property Law & Conveyancing

Buying or selling a residential or commercial property is a big decision.
We represent both buyers and sellers of property for all legal matters. This brings peace of mind to our clients.
We can offer assistance with conveyancing and property law in the following ways:

• Help you understand the issues involved in purchasing or       selling property.
• Assistance with buying or selling at auction or by negotiation.
• Information about the costs involved (including stamp duty).
• Advising on, or preparing a Contract for Sale/Vendor’s     statement (Section 32).
• Advice in regard to the ‘cooling off period’
• Section 173 agreements.
• Representation in dispute resolution.
• Leases, Caveats, Covenant and Easements.
• Aged care and retirement village advice, Property, Environment    and Town planning litigation.

Will & Probate

During a distressing time when a loved one has passed away we are here to help you. We have the expertise to assist you in all aspects of a deceased estate. You have to deal with the Will of the deceased or the lack of one, navigate and liaise with various entities such as banks, superannuation funds and share registries, make payments to the creditors of the deceased and distribute the assets to the beneficiaries. You may have to consider whether it is likely that a claim could be made against the assets of the deceased estate.

Depending on the circumstances of your case, we are able to assist you to apply and obtain one of the following grants from the Supreme Court of Victoria.

• Grant of Probate
• Grant of Letters of Administration
• Part IV Claim

We can also assist with the following:
• Drafting & updating wills.
• Assistance with claims against wills & estates.
• Deceased estate claims / defending deceased estates.
• Estate planning administration.

Legal Costs in Estate matters

An executor can have the legal costs of probate or letters of administration paid from the assets of the estate. We are available to discuss your circumstances and assist you with managing any costs that apply.

Commercial Law

In the practice of commercial law, we aim to add value to your commercial venture and ensure that your deal is done with protecting your rights and advising the options available to you.
We can assist in the following aspects.

• Agreement for your sale or purchase of a business.
• Joint ventures & Partnerships.
• Due diligence procedures and Contractual agreements.
• Advising clients of strategy in litigation and provide litigation   action plans.
• Commencing/ Defending court proceedings and Cross Claims.
• Security for cost applications.
• Obtaining/managing evidence and expert evidence.
• Negotiating settlements and terms of settlement that are   binding and provide certain outcomes.
• Specific and strategic advice on cause of action and best     outcomes.
• Review of legal case and merit on commercial outcome.

We will cover issues relevant to such as:

• property leasing and property acquisition:

• licensing and permits
• business contracts
• shareholders agreement
• competition and trade practices compliance
• dispute resolution and
• capital raising

Criminal Law

Being charged with a criminal offence is often a horrible experience, which you shouldn’t have to endure alone. We have extensive criminal law and court experience and understand that there are often multiple needs of clients in this situation. We offer a compassionate, efficient and holistic approach to matters involving criminal charges, including liaising with support services to help our clients to contribute to the society and progress in life.

We brief barristers in some criminal matters, where required.

We can handle all areas of criminal law, including:

• Traffic and Vehicle Offences – e.g. careless driving, driving   while disqualified/suspending, drink driving.
• Charges Involving Injuries to Persons – e.g. assault, cause of   serious injury, murder, attempted murder.
• Breaches of Intervention Orders.
• Drug Offences – including use, possession, cultivation or   dealing in illicit drugs.
• Property Damage.
• Theft – theft from premises, theft from person (robbery),   blackmail, extortion.

Employment Law

We handle employment and workplace relations’ matters for both employers and employees. We can help you:

• Drafting employment contracts, terms and conditions.
• Advising you and providing representation for cases of unfair   dismissal.
• Drafting and negotiating the resolution of industrial and   workplace disputes.
• Offering advice for workplace contracts, including termination   of employment.
• Discrimination and Harassment Issues.

Debt Recovery

We provide recoveries (secured and unsecured) legal services in the following:

• Lending facilities and financial agreements.
•Loan transactions.
• Chattel leases, Novated and Ex-novated leases.
• Commercial leasing.
• Contractual debt recovery.
• Advice and strategic planning for recoveries processes in   general and compliance and Dispute resolution methods.

Power Of Attorney

We can help you with different types of Powers of Attorney used in Victoria and India: –
General Power of Attorney  which appoints someone to make financial and legal decisions on your behalf for a specific period of time, for example, if you are overseas and need someone to manage your financial affairs while you are away.

Enduring Power of Attorney  which is used to appoint someone to make legal, financial, personal and lifestyle decisions (such as living arrangements) for you in the event that you lose the capacity to make those decisions yourself.

Enduring Power of Attorney (Medical Treatment), which is used to appoint someone to make medical treatment decisions on your behalf if you cannot make them yourself.

Our Fees

We are happy to customise our fee structure to fit in with your corporate or individual needs.
Our usual method of charging is an hourly rate, however other examples of fee structures include a fixed price or lump sum or court scale fees for litigious work.
The fee structure best suited for you may vary depending on a number of factors including the type of work involved, the time it will take and the complexity of the matter.
Please let us know if you have a preference regarding how our fees are charged.
We discuss our fees up front with you and will always provide competitive rates to suit your specific needs.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Highly appreciate the efforts of Mr Sandeep Sangwan for going out of the way to make the settlement successfull even when the bank was not ready.

JaG Minhas

I’d like to note that Sandeep Sangwan was knowledgeable and able to answer all my questions putting me at ease as I went through the process.
Overall a fantastic experience.
Thank you

D Chadha

Thank you so much Sandeep.. i have no words to thank you. My divorce is granted on first date of hearing. I highly recommend Sangwan Lawyers.

A Kaur

About Us

Sangwan Lawyers are a progressive boutique legal firm who are highly passionate and experienced in the areas of Family Law and Property Law. We are committed to understanding the client’s needs from a practical, commercial as well as legal perspective and delivering strategic and cost-effective legal advice. Every client has direct access to a principal of the firm, who understand the complexities of operating a business in today’s commercial environment. Our aim is to provide you with a practical solution to your legal issues.
Our clientele include individuals as well as small to medium sized businesses.
We are not your regular law firm. Our focus is not on billing but rather relationships and a genuine interest in our clients and their needs. We are happy to meet you at a more convenient place if you cannot make it to our Melbourne CBD office, we will communicate with you directly and not through their personal assistants and, where appropriate, we will give you the certainty of a fixed fee and not a time-based fee.
Our aim is to be your trusted advisor, we promise to provide honest, personalized, practical and cost-effective advice without any of the legal jargon. 

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